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10 Reasons To Cancel Your Contract

What are the reasons why one might consider cancelling your timeshare ? Here is a simple list of 10 items that if the following occurred, you must investigate the cancellation of the operation.

1. If you had a lengthy presentation and aggressive sales

Timeshare presentations / tours are supposed to last 60 to 90 minutes before the tour people can get their gifts that were promised to them. During this process, the sales rep is supposed to establish a relationship, gather information, and create the desire of customers. They will take you to the models, and ask questions about vacation and what is currently spending. This process should take approximately 45 minutes, giving you time to show two options based on the way to travel and spending. Once that is done they, will bring a manager to "try to get a better deal". I've heard of timeshare trips lasting as long as 10 to 12 hours. That is not a tour, one is just being held hostage. If you said "No" several times and you were still there more than 4 hours, you need to consider the statement above.

2. If you had a timeshare tour and did not receive the gifts that were promised to you

This is totally against every state and the timeshare regulation. You need to really consider cancelling the agreement. Any timeshare company must do business up front or else they are not a reliable company.

3. If at any time the sales representative begins to discuss the timeshare property would be an investment

They are crossing an ethical line. If this happened to you, this is a huge red flag because it is totally illegal in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This goes against the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission on timeshare sales.

4. If you were promised to receive a certain amount of rental business

Your sales representative has crossed the line of ethics. They can tell you that you can rent your timeshare, but they cannot say that you can do a certain amount of rental business and offer you the secrets to do this. This is probably the number one breech on the ethics of what we see.

5. If you were told you can write off this investment or receive a tax cut

This is completely illegal and timeshare sales reps know they are not permitted to provide tax advice. They are allowed to say that it is necessary to seek advice from a tax professional.

6. If you were never told that you are entitled under state law to cancel your timeshare and what the cancellation deadline is

This is the right of consumers and must be given.

7. If you were told that for a particular reason, no matter what the reason, your time share investment can't be cancelled and all sales are final

Again, you have the right to cancel within the cancellation of the states.

8. If you were not told to read the documents or to access them and read them later

This is a red flag. Any closing agent at a credible timeshare will take the extra 30 minutes and make sure you fully understand what you're signing and what your rights are.

9. If you have been told that you never have to pay maintenance fees because of your referral program, or that your maintenance fees will never increase

Many "short sales representatives" use this tactic rather than taking the time to explain how maintenance fees are required and why.

10. If you have been told that you never have to pay exchange rates, and that can be exchanged at any place without any limitations

This is another tactic that weak sales representative will use instead of taking the time to explain how the exchange program works.

Useful Advices


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